Paypal Money Transfer Service – £ GBP

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Price List:

  • £400 Money Transfer for $100
  • £800 Money Transfer for $200
  • £1200 Money Transfer for $300
  • £2000 Money Transfer for $400
  • £3000 Money Transfer for $550
  • Please select the amount which you want to order from options.
  • Provide your payment account email address and paypal account name at the time of order checkout.
  • Your first transaction will take minimum 1 hour so be patient and relax after payment.



How does it works?

We do money transfers from our aged and fully verified accounts and we send paypal money through goods and services payments and also provide you invoices to protect your accounts from getting blocked. We do money transfer from clean paypal accounts and also send payments in parts for example you purchased £1000 paypal transfer from us, we will send you £1000 into 3 or 4 different transactions from different paypal accounts. So there is no chance of getting blocked your paypal account.


If you fulfil below requirements then we will provide you a fully verified paypal account if your account get blocked after getting transfer from us.

  1. You need an aged account like minimum 3 months old.
  2. Your paypal account must have 8 to 10 transactions history.
  3. If your are living in a different country and your paypal account belongs to different country then you must use the vpn or proxy.
  4. You will send your paypal email address and paypal username at the time of order.
  5. You will get your transfer done within 4 to 5 hours after payment because we do transfers in 3 or 4 transactions from different accounts.

Additional information

Price List

£400 Paypal Transfer, £800 Paypal Transfer, £1200 Paypal Transfer, £2000 Paypal Transfer, £3000 Paypal Transfer

1 review for Paypal Money Transfer Service – £ GBP

  1. conart78989
    5 out of 5


    bought £800 Money Transfer for $200 my first order at ccdumps and got the transfer after 6 hours thnx

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