Paypal Refund Tutorial

2022 PayPal Refund Method:

1. Run ccleaner before doing this if on pc. Else you can just clear all your browser data, works just as good.

2. Log in and out of your PayPal acc 3-4 times using a VPN.

3. Go to the sute you wanna refund using a VPN.

4. Checkout with PayPal

5. Don’t log into your PayPal until the stuff arrives.

6. Now 1-2 days after your oder has arrived, open a dispute using your normal IP address aka no VPN saying it was an unauthorized transaction and make up a little story to make it more believable & basically make them feel bad about it happening.

7. Should get refunded if you did everything correct, 100% success rate for me while using this method 

NOTE: You can only use this methods once per PayPal account.


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