Big Scam Exposed : The carding forum/fraud

Introduction Of Carding Forum:

We will explain you what are the carding forum’s and how does they works, In this infinite internet world there are many kind of illegal websites that are selling peoples personal information including hacked credit cards, hacked bank accounts, hacked Paypal accounts and hundreds of other financial accounts without any hustle or fear of the authorities.

Contents Of This Article:

  1. What is Carding Forum?
  2. List of Carding Forums.
  3. How does Carding Forum works?
  4. How to avoid from getting scammed by Carders?
  5. Conclusion

What is Carding Forum?

Carding Forum is a website where peoples buy and sell the personal information such as credit cards, Paypal, bank accounts, email accounts, identity informations such as SSN, DOB, driver license, passports.

Carders & Hackers sale the credit card data on wholesale rates. The provided information includes the victims full name, phone number, address, date of birth, mother name, father name, pin code, email address.

They sell every kind of your personal information at no cost, like you can buy one hacked credit card for just $5 or $10 and use it online. There are several carding threads and posts selling millions of cards and compromised accounts.

List of Carding Forums:

This is the list of top 10 carding forums:


How does Carding Forum works?

Carding forum websites are controlled by hackers and fraudsters from all over the world, They lives in different regions and control these carding sites anonymously, They gather they hacked accounts dumps and database and then present it for sale to their carding forum users and members.

The created there own Escrow service which protect the buyer and seller both sides payments and they provide the anonymous and safe payment facility to their users to buy and sell hacked credit cards etc.

How to avoid from getting scammed by Carders?

In this tech world your personal information and digital money is not safe, you have to be careful while using ATM for credit cards payment withdrawals because carders installs EMV readers and many other tools to hack the ATM.

Do not open any spam email or any link provided in the spam emails.

Do not provide any personal information to any fake lottery emails.

Do not provide your personal information to fake bank representatives calls.

Do not use your credit cards or other accounts at random e-commerce websites.


The conclusion is that we have to be careful while using payment measures and keep an open eye at everything before providing our personal information to any stranger. Carders are keep selling the hacked cvv, dumps, fullz, DOB, SSN, hacked bank accounts even the authorities takes strict actions against them.

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