Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card Without KYC


Credit card (Visa, Mastercard) that supports 3D Secure (VBV, MSC, 2FA)
Disabling your VPN or use a legit IP, every unlegit IPs will blocks you (if you need a legit anonymous ip for 1-2$ for some hours, DM me), you can use your normal IP if your country isn’t weird like korean loc ect…
Avoid protonmail (this may be sus for them, you can use (tested with 600$) and gmail (tested too with 50$)

1. go to (You should do a organic search (search kinguin on google and click on the first link, to have a legit referrer))
2. Scroll on the website, look some games, then register a new account (Remember about the IP)
3.Wait few minutes (like 10 maximum, nothing more required)
4. Click on the following links for the amount you want
10€Click here
25€Click here
50€Click here
100€Click here
Bonus 100£ (the biggest you can order): Click here
If you want to be more legit you can just search “Crypto voucher” via their search bar

5. Order the card, then wait for deliver (it can takes up to 15minutes)
6. Enter the card code HERE (There are no email verification that i remember, but you should enter a valid one)
7. Select the cryptocurrency you want, enter your ady, it’ll take some minutes to be sent
8. You can repeat it, if one of your order is blocked, or that the card is instantly declined, this is due to a important amount of order or sus ip adress, it will ask you a KYC confirm, just refund the money.

NOTE: Even if you claimed the money, it can’t disappear so you can do a bank refund, but don’t abuse of this

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