Amazon Refund Trick 2023 – Complete Guide



1) Go ahead and contact Amazon

2) Tell them your item is defective, you already tried to fix it by different ways. You asked your friends, went to a local electronic store etc. Unfortunately the local store confirmed the defect of the item

3) Now tell them it is extremely urgent, because it was supposed to be a present for your son. It’s his birthday in 2 days already.

4) Now when they ask you to return the item, ask them if there is any way to create an advanced replacement as it is very urgent and your only possibility to get this item on time. Tell them you will return the item right away, but you need an advanced replacement to be processed right now.

5) They should now offer you a free replacement and send you a return label via Email. If they told you it’s not possible, go ahead and act very disappointed and how sad this is from such a big company. Ask them to check with their supervisor if their system does not allow an advanced replacement to be processed. If they still decline it close the chat and retry. It does not work every time, but I can assure you after 3-4 tries it will work. I have done this on multiple 1000 EUR+ orders.

6) Now if you attempt this on cracked accounts and want to change the shipping address, here is how:

  1. When a replacement is created, you only have 1 or 2 minutes to manually change the address yourself
  2. Make sure to add the address to the account already, so you are not losing any time afterwards.
  3. Once the replacement is created, open the order and there you can see a button which says “edit”.
  4. Click the button and choose the correct shipping address. That’s it.

Make sure not to tell the representative anything!

If you want instant refund you can cancell the replacement from the panel and you will get refunded automatically. No represetant or supervisor will manually check the refund, but we still recommend you to go with replacement first and FTID afterwards to avoid rebills (even tho they usually don’t rebill)

Instant/7 days:

1 LESS THAN $800:

1) Contact Amazon Support after 24 hours of delivery if the weight is high, if the weight is not high contact them after 1 hour

2) If the weight is high tell them you did not got the package, if the weight is not high, tell them empty box

3) Instant refund :), Want better success rate?

4) Install a spoofer ( )

5) Always call with a spoofer for 100% success

6) Get the customer phone number from the Google Form or from the Amazon Account.

7) Copy it and insert it on FireRTC

8) Call Amazon Customer Support

9) Tell them same story over the phone and tell them you need that product/s as fast as possible

10) They will offer replacement. Accept it right away, that is a trick to prevent refunders.

11) Cancel the replacement after 1 hour

12) Success

2 LESS THAN $1500:

1) Contact them by phone via spoofer.

2) Tell them the item came damaged.

3) Explain them what is it damaged, for example if is a phone, tell them the screen.

4) Thye usually tell you to ship it back. Say that you need a good phone until (next 2 days) because it is your wife’s birthday.

5) Some reps will ask you if you want refund or replacement. Chooose refund option IF THEY ASKED YOU. If they say you have to return first, do not ask for refund, ask for replacement. They always issue instant replacement and after that you have to FTID them.

6) Success #3 HIGHER THAN $5000

1) Start a return

2) Edit the label with FTID v6 (you got example how to edit and how to proceed for Lost In Transit FTID version down)

3) Wait at least 5 days after package gets lost

4) Contact them

5) Get refund (works the best for .com & .fr domain) -> For other domains you can use FTID v4 or v5 for better success rate (you got info at the bottom of the text file)

Failed Refunds:

1: DNA / EB?

1) Install a spoofer ( )

2) Always call with a spoofer for 100% success

3) Get the customer phone number from the Google Form or from the Amazon Account.

4) Copy it and insert it on FireRTC

5) Call Amazon Customer Support

6) Tell them your neigbours just told you they received the package some days ago but they didn’t tought it was yours

7) Tell them you don’t need it anymore since it was a gift for your son / wife and his/her birthday was 2 days ago

8) They will drop labels to ship. Use FTID v4 or v5 to ship.

9) Contact them in 14 days

10) If you used v4 or v5, they will refund smoothly. Don’t use V3! It is very saturated!


1) Install a spoofer ( )

2) Always call with a spoofer for 100% success

3) Get the customer phone number from the Google Form or from the Amazon Account.

4) Copy it and insert it on FireRTC

5) Call Amazon Customer Support

6) Tell them you called UPS/DHL (your courier) and they said there were some problems with the label and the product was shipped back to you and you want to return it as fast as possible.

7) They will ask you some questions. When it happened? Why it happened? and some other basic questions. Just stick with your original story: You shipped the package and after some days they contacted you with return. Always say that they contacted you in the same day as they told you they did not received any package from you! ALWAYS SAY THAT! Not saying that will get the refund failed.

8) Proceed to FTID v6 (LIT Method)

9) They will refund within 7-8 days maximum since they are responsable for lost packages

10) Success #3: FAILED FTID v2 (INSTANT REFUND after failed ftid)?

1) Install a spoofer ( )

2) Always call with a spoofer for 100% success

3) Get the customer phone number from the Google Form or from the Amazon Account.

4) Copy it and insert it on FireRTC

5) Call Amazon Customer Support

6) Tell them you shipped the items and they are in their warehouse

7) They will ask you some basic questions and in the end they will ask for Police Report

8) Fake one police report (add a real phone number of a cop)

9) After you sent them the police report, wait some hours and call them from FireRTC with police cop number that is written on the police report.

10) They will check the number if is real and when they will see that is real, they will issue refund instantly

11) No investigation will be started if the amount is lower than $2,500, if is higher than that go with FAILED FTID v1

12) Success

What I personally recommend:

  • Always use a spoofer to call from customer’s phone number. Trust me, helps a lot. They got systems to prevent refunders get easy refunds and this trick will bypass everything.
  • Get a photoshoper to do the Police Report. Pretty sure he knows better how to do it and will guarantee success.
  • The trick on FAILED FTID v2 is to add real cop number and cop them in 1-2 hours after sending Police Report. Always call them upfront with cop’s number! Not calling will make the process so slow.

Info regarding FTIDs:

FTID version 4: This is where you use single side print flyers with an advertisement on it and place the label(ftid3 label) on the other side (withoud ad)

  • typically you would only use this for international orders so it gets through customs quicker or if you needed faster shipping with say budget shipping labels
  • often reffered to as ‘advanced’ FTID3, but its not really I only use this for international orders

FTID version 5: Theres like 10 different versions of FTID5 but here is the barcode method:

  • Use a barcode generator and add your tracking number to it then replace on label
  • create a QR code holding a similar or unreadable tracking number
  • it’s completely unnessacary to use this method unless you are doing a fake return FTID version 6.1 (Lost In Transit): Get your label.

Attach to parcel.

Proceed to beat the living fucking shit out of the Parcel.

Send beaten up empty parcel.

Courier will notice the parcel looks like shit and will investigate it further to find out its empty.

Box will be thrown away.

FTID version 6.2 (Lost In Transit): Use a little bit of glue on the label. Roll up the corners or edges and then hope it gets lost in transit

Or use double sided tape and hope it gets caught on another surface after it gets scanned.

Box will be thrown away.

This is how FTID version 3 looks if you don’t know how it looks and how to edit FTID version 3:

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